Chiropractic Care

Our skilled doctors have been practicing chiropractic care to our patients for decades. Let us help you heal your back and neck through chiropractic manipulative therapy.

Medical Care

We have a medical doctor on staff who provides supplemental recommendations to ensure we are caring for the whole patient.

Massage Therapy

Our doctors also work with our massage therapists to determine a treatment option that involves medical massages for optimal treatment.


Customized Treatment Plans

We recognize that every patient is different and will require a varying level of care and differentiated techniques to effectively cease pain. We create customized individual plans for each patient utilizing chiropractic care, medical care and massage therapy to provide an optimal, fast recovery.

$25 New Patient Package

Our doctors offer a $25 New Patient Package to determine what type of treatment you would need within our clinic. Your package includes a consultation, exam, x-ray and report of findings, valued all together at over $300 but just $25 at our clinic.


Next Steps...

It's time to book your first appointment with us! Please call us at (770) 813-0087 to schedule your New Patient Appointment or schedule online by clicking here.