Our Roles and Responsibilities Regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Patients, Friends, and Family:

Yes, we are open! As a multi-disciplined clinic, our purpose is to KEEP our patients healthy. By getting back on your treatment schedule you will be able to continue on your road to healing AND in turn will only INCREASE your immunity/ ability to fight off anything that your body comes in contact with. For this reason, we have reopened with select days and limited appoint times. Please understand that physical, emotional, and chemical stressors to the body are the main reasons our immunity breaks down.

With all of the fear that this virus has brought on, the immediate changes in our lifestyles with children unable to attend school and adults working from home, our bodies are UNDER STRESS. With stress, our bodies release hormones that decrease your immune response. This is the reason for the necessity to continue your care, right now, during this critical time. Also, this is the perfect time to bring your spouse and children in to increase the familial immunity as a whole. Consultations, exams, and x-rays, if needed, are complimentary. You can never be too healthy!

We do, however, understand the concern, urgency, and sensitivity during this time, which is the reason we wanted to inform you of all of the CDC guidelines we are following specifically here at the clinic. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy, and secure place for our patients and staff.

First and foremost, we ask that if you are already sick, please stay at home and contact your primary care physician. To decrease viral transmission, we have added the following precautions to our already existing cleaning procedures for an extra layer of protection:


  1. All staff will wear masks in the office and have their temperature checked before beginning work.
  2. Hand sanitizers and disinfectants will be available for anything that is being shared or touched by patients and staff.
  3. All hard surfaces to include: waiting room chairs, tabletops, and handles will be sanitized every hour. Inside doors that can be left open will be so that handles are minimally touched. Bathrooms will be disinfected continuously.
  4. All treatment tables and equipment will be disinfected immediately before and immediately after every patient.
  5. All staff will keep their hands sanitized before and after every patient.
  6.  Our condiment station and water dispenser will be temporarily removed. Please ask a staff member for water if needed.
  7. Each patient will receive their own stim pads if needed, complimentary of Complete Healthcare.
  8. Each patient will be given a COVID19 survey and temperature check before entering the clinic.


As with any public health issue, Complete Healthcare Medical Center will continuously monitor the situation and make decisions with vigilance as supported by the latest evidence-based information. Together, we will navigate through this trying time and Complete Healthcare Medical Center will remain committed to being responsive and keeping you informed of any changes that we make. We hope and pray that we return to normalcy soon.

Sending our warmest regards and see you soon,

Complete Healthcare Medical Center

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