Medical Weight Loss Program

At Complete Healthcare, we realize that obesity is one of the leading factors in causing poor health, not only to the community of Duluth, but also across the country. That’s why we are leaders in the area of providing Medical Weight-Loss to the residents of Gwinnett and Atlanta. We’ve created a proven system for helping your lose weight, fast and effectively. In addition, we provide constant coaching and education to help you maintain your weight loss, achieve your health goals and change your life for the long term.

We understand that better nutrition and exercise are the key ingredients in helping patient lose weight, but our system allows for that little extra push or motivation that patients need to start a proper program and SEE RESULTS FAST!

Our Doctors will do a thorough Weight-Loss Consultation and Evaluation, then design and unique program based on your individual needs and goals. Here are few of the amazing weight-loss therapies our office utilizes.

HCG – HCG is a hormone that is produced by the body to help aid in fat burning. This hormone has an amazing effect in resetting the body’s natural stress hormones and aids in burning fat fast. We have seen incredible results using this protocol.

Lipotropic (Fat Burning) Injections – These contain B vitamins and amino acids and help dissolve and burn fat in the body that is not being burned by exercise. These will also aid in increasing body metabolism.

Diet & Nutritional Coaching – Your program will not only include your initial assessment, but our healthcare providers will also sit down and review your eating habits and set you up on a successful nutritional program based on your individual needs. Follow up assessments and our ongoing coaching helps our patients continue to stay motivated and achieve their weight-loss goals.

Exercise Specialists – Doing the right, proper types of exercise are a key part of any weight-loss program. But making sure that they are right for your body and stress levels are key. Injuries early on in your program can hinder or slow your results, so our healthcare specialists will assess your physical activity levels and find the right exercise program for your individual needs.

Remember, keeping a healthy body and healthy weight is NOT about just dieting, it’s about lifestyle and changing the way you live your life. We’re here to help you change and help you live the life you want. For a FREE Weight-Loss Consultation, call 770-813-0087 today!