Medical Services

Complete Healthcare Medica Center’s medical staff specializes in the treatment of physical and functional medicine. We provide primary care, physicals (including sports physicals), lab work, EKGs, natural hormone replacement therapy, and more. Our trained specialists are able to diagnose and treat the disorders causing your pain and/or underlying health issues. Our state of the art diagnostic testing enables us to correctly diagnose and treat these health conditions.

Complete Healthcare Medical Center’s mission is to diagnose, rehabilitate, and alleviate your health concerns by providing alternative options to invasive surgery. We provide both natural biopharmaceutical trigger point injections as well as standard steroid injections for pain associated with joint inflammation and muscle spasms.

Once evaluated, our medical staff may prescribe physical therapy rehabilitation, medical massage therapy, nutritional wellness options, or chiropractic care all as part of your individualized treatment plan.

Diagnostic Tests and Lab Work

At Complete Healthcare Medical Center, you can expect only the best and highest quality in not only our therapies but also in our diagnostic tests. We focus on providing the best in traditional neurological and medical pain testing. In addition, we also use the most advanced and cutting edge tests in medicine today. This is a complete list of our services specially done on-site:

  • Radiographs – We use the lowest amount of radiation with our diagnostic x-rays. Our team of doctors utilize these tests to assess not only injuries to the spine but also to the extremities as well.
  • EMG Testing (Electromyography) – With electromyography testing, our specialists can determine if there is any dysfunction or irregular activity to the function of the muscles themselves. This test allows for a more accurate diagnosis of muscle injury and impairment.
  • NCV Testing (Nerve Testing) –  NCV tests allow our doctors to diagnosis where in the body there is dysfunction or impairment to a nerve. This the hallmark test for sciatica pain treatment. Often times this test gives our doctors a more accurate understanding of where our patient’s peripheral neuropathy symptoms are occurring.
  • Vascular Screenings – One of our most important tests is our screening for vascular damage and atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is one of the main causes of stroke and heart attacks, and early evaluation is the key to treating these conditions. We employ a painless and simple method to extract fast and accurate results.
  • Functional and Performance Testing – To assess the full extent of spinal injury, our doctors and therapists do a series of exams and tests to measure the level of physical impairment. These tests allow us to fully evaluate the level of impairment and injury.
  • Hormone and Adrenal Testing – Our doctors use these tests to assess chronic stress and fatigue levels in our patients.

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