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Medical Pain Relief

At Complete Healthcare, we focus on rehabilitation of the spine and body. We specialize in providing the best combination of medical pain treatment and natural therapies such as cannabis pain relief to give our patients a unique and incredibly gentle pain relieving experience. Using cannabis in the form of CBD oil or cannabis oil extract has become a very reliable and efficient way of relieving pain and can be used for other health problems such as anxiety or depression. From the first examination, to the last day of your treatment, you can rest assured that you will be getting a complete patient centered approach to healthcare. We focus on giving our patients the total attention that they need to recover fast and live pain free. If you’re wanting to fight an addiction without adding other substances to “help” you, look into this holistics rehab and see how they can help.

After a complete evaluation is performed and your diagnosis has been given, a specific and individualized care program will be given to you to speed your recovery. We focus on not only relieving the chronically inflamed and painful areas, but also rehabilitating weakened muscles of the spine to strengthen them and aid in their stability. This way, we can not only relieve your pain, but also keep the injured areas healthy for a lifetime.

Our team of medical doctors, chiropractors, athletic trainers and massage therapists all work together in delivering the highest quality and most cutting edge in physical rehabilitation. In utilizing physical rehabilitation with your spine and body, our team of doctors can improve the function of your spine and get rid of your pain for longer periods of time.

This concentration on the reconditioning of your spine and your mobility will help alleviate your pain and aid in recovering from fatigue as well. We always include a session on home exercise and home therapies to aid in your recovery time. This set of special and unique exercises pays special attention to increasing the strength of your spine and enhancing your activity and flexibility.

We look forward to finding out if we can help you with your pain and help you in living the life you want. For a FREE Consultation, call 770-813-0087 today!