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Chiropractic Massage Therapy

At Complete Healthcare, we focus on providing only the best in natural pain relief and physical medicine. Our healthcare providers incorporate many different natural methods for relieving pain, using the most advanced techniques in chiropractic, massage therapy, and physical therapy and rehabilitation. Our therapies focus on not only relieving pain, but also in treating the overall health condition of our patients.

By incorporating our patients total overall physical health and performance, we improve their health for the long term. By incorporating both chiropractic and massage to help relieve the pain and inflammation on injured areas, our athletic trainers and rehabilitation specialists can then retrain those weakened areas and strengthen your body so your pain can be relieved faster and for longer periods of time.

Over the last 100 years, chiropractic medicine has been leading the field as the most natural and non-invasive approaches to treating chronic spinal pain conditions. The fielf of chiropractic care keeps evolving and improving. Our clinic uses natural chiropractic treatments in addition to massage and physical rehabilitation for the best and fastest results for our patients. Chiropractic care focuses on relieving the tension or inflammation to the delicate nerves of the spine. This irritation to spinal nerves is the chief cause of spinal pain. When chiropractic adjustments are given to relieve the pressure placed on the nerves of the spine, relief is noticed almost instantly. This relationship between the spine and nervous system is the main focus of chiropractic treatment. With Chiropractic care, patients not only respond fast to spine pain conditions, but also to conditions of the entire body as well.

Our team of healthcare providers will use the most cutting edge diagnostic tests to first determine the best course or combination of medical, chiropractic, and rehabilitation therapies to aid in your recovery. If needed, our chiropractic team will provide adjustments to the spine, in combination with massage therapy to relieve tight and painful muscles to help relieve your pain fast and effectively.

Our massage therapists have special and unique training in working with spinal pain conditions, and are an integral part of our healthcare team. Our massage therapists help deliver the necessary relief for tight and painful muscles of the spine and body. Our doctors find that once the muscle tension is relieved, then their rehabilitation programs work more effectively and patients get out pain faster.

We have several different types of massages that we offer our patients, and our doctors will always make sure that you will be provided with the most effective type of massage for your specific condition or injury.