About Our Clinic

At Complete Healthcare, we focus on providing only the best in natural pain relief and physical medicine. Our healthcare providers incorporate many different natural methods for relieving pain, using the most advanced techniques in chiropractic, massage therapy, and physical therapy and rehabilitation. Our therapies focus on not only relieving pain but also in treating the overall health condition of our patients.

We are a multi-faceted chiropractic and medical clinic that has been serving the Greater Gwinnett area for over twenty years. We are passionate about providing high-quality, compassionate, and individualized care to each of our patients. Our clinic provides chiropractic care, medical care, physical rehabilitation, and medical-massage therapy to patients with ranging sources of pain. 

We treat clients with a multi-faceted approach, combining different medical methods and techniques that best suit our patients. By incorporating our patients total overall physical health and performance, we improve their health for the long term. By combining both chiropractic and massage to help relieve the pain and inflammation of injured areas, our athletic trainers and rehabilitation specialists can then retrain those weakened areas and strengthen your body so your pain can be relieved faster and for longer periods of time. We strive to provide services that are effective yet efficient and aim to give clients the fastest recovery possible. We want you to start feeling better today!